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Farscape Land

Love it Beyond Hope

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Land Comm devoted to the tv series Farscape.

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farscape_land is an interactive competition-based fan community modeled around similar communities such as stargateland, scifiland and whedonland.

Farscapeland will involve challenges based around the Henson Company series Farscape, aka the best frelling show ever. There will be writing, graphic, vidding, puzzles, games, and 'name the bodily fluid' types of challenges. One of those is slightly less likely than the others. Basically, something for everyone. Especially if you like bodily fluids.

There are currently two teams and each person is assigned to one of them. Together with your team you earn points and at the end of each phase there is a winner! Losers will be dealt with Peacekeeper style*. As such, there is a likelihood of high turnover rate, so please invite your friends!

*Meaning, given cookies and hugs. That's how PK's do it, right? Right.