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23 May 2011 @ 05:29 pm
Community Information, FAQ & Rules:
farscape_land is a team community that is based off of the popular 'LAND' communities such as stargateland, scifiland, whedonland, etc. There are three teams, TEAM MODULE and TEAM PROWLER. We will look at opening a third team beginning phase 2! However, these are just team names you don't need to only focus on that portion of Farscape.

Membership is currently OPEN although you DO need to apply before joining the community. At any given time there will always be something going on and new members can always dive right in! Teams will compete in phases and a winner is announced at the end of each phase. Then the counters all get set to zero and we start it all over again!

Phase 1: July - September
Phase 2: October - December
Phase 3: January - March
Phase 4: April - June

What's Going on Here?
Sig tag? What?
Our Territories
Who's the Pilot around here?
Peacekeepers and other less superior beings must follow rules

What Goes on??Collapse )

What the heck is a sig tag?Collapse )

Where's home?Collapse )

Who's in charge here?Collapse )

Rules of Peacekeeper ConductCollapse )

Gotta question? Just ask!! This post will be udpated as necessary and comments are unscreened.