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Challenge 009: Hijack Part 2

Name of Challenge: Hijack part 2
Type of Contest: graphics

Officer Sun, returning.

I infiltrated the other side, it wasn’t actually that hard, and have returned with intel. The humans left me with these quotes. Our mission is to apply them to images from our own world.

Further Details: Choose a quote and search for a Farscape screencap to go with it. Create a graphic containing both the Farscape image and the Stargate text.

Quotes are located HERE. You don't have to worry about repeats here. You may reuse the same quotes as other people and may also only use PART of the quote if you want.

WANNA SEE WHAT stargateland is doing with your quotes? GO HERE. There is also a TEAM FARSCAPELAND THREAD for anyone who wants to participate there for no extra points. :)

How to submit: Reply to your team thread with your images. If they're larger than 400x400, please provide a thumbnail and/or a link instead of the image itself. Make up to 3!

Participation Points: 5 per graphic (15 possible) + 1 for sig tag/icon
Voting (Y/N): N
Sig Tag/Team Icon Points (Y/N): Y
Due Date/Time: February 6th, 9pm CST.
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Tags: challenge 009, graphics
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